AISI304L 1.4307 EN 1092-1 Flansche

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Introducing AISI304L 1.4307 EN 1092-1 Flanges

Dependability meets efficiency:
Expanding our product assortment, we introduce the EN 1092-1 flanges crafted from AISI304L 1.4307, marking a new standard in our commitment to quality. Recognized for superior corrosion resistance and weldability, this material caters adeptly to diverse applications across various industries.

Strategic choices for varied environments:
Tailored for situations that demand reliability without the extensive features of specialized materials, AISI304L 1.4307 stands out. It serves as a cost-effective alternative for less corrosive settings, maintaining durability and operational integrity.

Comparative insight with AISI316L 1.4404: While continuing to support the robust AISI316L 1.4404 for extreme conditions, we acknowledge the importance of providing alternatives. AISI304L 1.4307 extends an economical yet reliable option for environments where high corrosion resistance is less critical.

Explore our AISI304L 1.4307 range:

Explore our AISI304L 1.4307 range:

  • Type 11 - Welding Neck Flange: A secure bond for critical connections.
  • Type 05 - Blind Flange: Reliable termination for piping systems.
  • Type 02 - Loose Flange: Flexible integration in assembly processes.
  • Type 01 - Plate Flange: Streamlined efficiency for flat surface applications.
  • Type 35 - Collar: Expedited assembly with dependable performance.

With a spectrum of pressure ratings from PN10 to PN40 and diameters from DN200 to DN1000, we aim to meet precise project requirements.